Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Freezing Strawberries

I'm so jealous of all my friends who go fruit picking -- it's such a great way to pass time. They're glad I'm not with them though because while they're picking, I'm eating what they've put away in buckets. Seriously, when my friends and I went fruit picking, I was known for doing this! I call it quality assurance and it's hard work let me tell you!

My friend went strawberry picking and made jams and all sorts of goodies for the freezer that she can pull out in the the fall and winter, when in the dead of a Midwest winter, such fruit won't be available. She's so darned clever. She talked about freezing the strawberries whole on a cookie sheet before storing packing them away in a bag or container, this way the berries don't stick to each other as much, and most importantly they don't get mushed! In the winter, think of all the things she can make, like galettes, pies, jams, smoothies, and so much more!


Sam said...

The galette! The galette! What about the galette?

judy coates perez said...

Hi Nirmala thanks for commenting on my blog. i am loving Chicago so much since moving here two years ago. There is awesome food here. Your photos of your galettes make me want to run in the kitchen and make one. how on earth are you so thin when you like food so much? ^_^