Monday, June 15, 2009

Dal Makhani (Creamy Black Lentils)

Last week, I was looking for a quick and easy recipe for the black lentils I had in a glass jar, staring at me for the last year or so.  My goal was to only use ingredients I have at home, and not have to run out to the store to get anything.  Well, I definitely found this recipe, and even excluded ingredients because I didn't have them, and it was SO totally successful.

I left out the tomato and tomato paste since I didn't have them on hand, and I skipped the tempering at the end. Also, when I initially read this recipe, I missed the part about soaking the beans overnight.  I did not do this and it still worked.  If you don't soak the beans, add more water and cook longer.  The key to the water is to add 5 times the amount of water than bean. So if you use 1 cup of beans, put in 5 cups of water.  And cook for 20 minutes, first bringing it to a boil in the pressure cooker, and than reducing heat slightly to high.  If you find that it is still too nutty for you, cook again but for less time, being sure not to scorch the bottom.  I almost did this.

This dish is SO incredibly flavorful, and tastes just wonderful with steamed corn tortillas.  And it's SO easy.

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