Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Silpat vs. Parchment Paper

So I did a test between silpat and parchment paper to see what is the easier to work with terms of getting cookies off the cookie sheet, and hands down parchment paper wins. The cookies just slide off -- no sticking! In fact, I could reuse the parchment. The cookies still stuck to the silpat and for me the results were as if I had baked the cookies on the cookie sheets themselves.


Dustin said...

I find a silpat useful for larger things, like bread (especially focaccia), as it won't rip and attach itself to the food.

For cookies, it probably depends on how much fat is in them -- too much fat will soak into parchment and make it stick, while too little fat will leave things attached to a silpat via some kind of suction effect

Nirmala said...

Hmm. That's interesting because the cookies I baked had 2 sticks of butter in them! I think that's a lot and it didn't soak into the parchment. In fact, there were few fat spots at all.