Monday, April 30, 2007

Whole Wheat Flour

I'm on this massive quest to get more whole grains and nutrients into my diet so I decided to purchase King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour. A quarter cup has 3 grams of fiber but it's a lot easier to integrate and use than regular whole wheat flour. Of course, I bought the flour and it promptly sat on my shelf for the next two months because I didn't know if I could use it as a complete substitute or not. I have good intentions but implementation is sometimes difficult.

So my friend, the baking/cooking king that he is, suggested substituting out half of the regular all purpose flour with the white whole wheat, to get equal if not better tasting results. This is how he made the short bread for the strawberry shortcake (recipe to come) and I thought it tasted amazing. He also suggested doing this substitution with cookies (perhaps it would mitigate the effects of 2 sticks of butter in the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies... then again, perhaps not!) and pizza crust.

Friends are coming again this weekend so I'll have to try making pancakes with the wheat flour. I'll report back then on how they turned out, with pictures.

FYI, King Arthur flour is the best flour to work with. I discovered it last year and have always had remarkable results.

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Meryl said...

Sounds tasty!