Thursday, April 26, 2007

Strawberry Short Cake Teaser

What do good friends do for you? I cannot possibly name them all but they go grocery shopping, make your bed, clean, buy flowers, call you regularly, make you do things that you would not normally do, cook, and so much more that I cannot even describe.

My friend is an amazing cook and he spent the last few days few days making the most tempting treats and foods one can possibly imagine. One day I came home to find to find a beautiful arrangement of flowers and homemade strawberry short cake (both the cake and whip cream). What a dear friend!

My friend will shortly share the recipe at which point I will try to make shortcake myself and write about it on the blog. In the mean time, did you know the simplest way to get your strawberries to juice is to just throw in a tsp of sugar and let it sit? I didn't know. It not only enhances the flavor of strawberries but also gets the juices to run in a way that is just perfect for shortcake.

I tip my hat to this friend -- you know who you are. I think you are an amazing human being.

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