Monday, May 21, 2007

What a Small World!

This world is so small and my belief that everybody on this earth are some how connected came to fruition again this afternoon. Alex, my friend, shared with me that he and his really good friend, Genie who now lives in Iowa (previously in Washington, DC) were talking about the strawberry shortcake that I made for Alex's birthday and how I blog about the food I make. Genie was like "Hey wait a minute, I think I know that blog!!! How weird that I know your friend's blog and never knew she was your friend!"

Isn't that so freaking cool?

I appreciate that Alex would call me in the middle of the day to share this story with me. It made my day.

Genie has a great blog of her own about her gardening adventures. She wasn't much of a gardener when she lived in DC but that changed when she move to Iowa. Her blog, the Inadvertent Gardener, can be found at It's awesome. Check it out.

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