Monday, July 09, 2007

My Babies

My tomato plants are growing so fast! The one you see above is just one of six seeds I planted. 5 of 6 germinated. Not bad. I held out hope for the 6th one but it's a no show. I got a rather late start due to delays so I decided to go with a variety that would produce fruit rather quickly, which left me with the early girl variety. This tomato has a very short growth period of 52 days versus the typical 80 plus. I'm not convinced because my babies still look rather runt like. It's been 2 weeks since the seeds germinated and 3 weeks since planting. Every morning I walk out on to my front porch waiting to see them bursting. I need more patience!

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Genie said...

Patience is definitely key with tomatoes...but the pay-off is oh, so worth it!

One thing on the timing...I think that days-to-ripe count is based on when they would be at the transplant stage, so I would actually consider starting that clock now, rather than when you planted the seeds. I know that means a longer wait, but still...if you're able to grow your own, you're going to love those maters!

:-) Genie