Tuesday, July 24, 2007

West Indian Food -- Brooklyn

On Friday, we had lunch with our client on the 1100 block of Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn between Long Island Ave and Lincoln Road on the even number side of the street. Can't remember the name of the place but the food was just amazing. At lunch they have a buffet where you can select from at least 20 items, everything from goat curry to chicken curry to jerk salmon to BBQ chicken to sweet potatoes, and so much more. I was completely overwhelmed. This is not what you call vegetarian friendly but I really wanted to relish and experience West Indian food in its entirety so I ate meat. It was so worth it.

After getting a play-by-play on all the dishes, I got a little salad (not West Indian), sweet potatoes, goat curry, and beans and rice. It was amazing. Deliciosa. Then I noticed the salmon on my client's plate and was bummed, but he kindly shared a piece so my momentary anxiety on having missed out on some thing special dissipated rather quickly. In total, my lunch with a bottled water was under $6! The amount is determined by weight.

I'm Indian but didn't know what West Indian food was.
Actually, I still really don't. I'm much more familiar with the North/South distinction which I could write a dissertation on. But I know that in Trinidad, Guyana, and the Caribbean in general, there are lots of Indians. In fact, I learned that Guyana's population is 50% Indian. So West Indian food seems to be a combination of classic Indian dishes like curries mixed with traditional Caribbean food like sweet potatoes, plantains, etc. I know I'm not describing all the nuances so I dare not go further.

It was so worth it to set aside my mostly vegetarian ways to eat well.


latt├ęgirl said...

ACK! You are giving me an unusual urge to see NYC again. Last time I was there was about 1985, and we got kidnapped by coke freaks who took us to Tenafly, NJ and we had to escape their house in the middle of the night (try finding a bus in NJ at 4 AM) and then we were so hungover that we only got into NYC proper on a Sunday and almost everything was closed and my companion at the time was so mad at me that we ended up not speaking to each other at all for 24 hours, including all the way home by car to Quebec.

New Yawk just doesn't have good memories. But damned if you aren't making me change my mind after all these years.

Nirmala said...

I would greatly disklike NY too if I had your experience. But if I can give you the taste of the good side, than I've done my job. I am glad you're speaking to your friend again. Good friends are hard to come by, no?