Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mystery Squash

Purchased from the local nursery (ab0ve)

From the compost (above)

The trials and tribulations of gardening continue. I compost, and harvested compost can be weedy. The most interesting looking things sprout and a lot of it is stuff I don't want like weeds, at least I think they're weeds and am not patient enough to find out because I want to plant and grow stuff. After the last round of harvested compost, I noticed a lot of very hardy green leaves growing so while we plucked a lot of them, I let two grow just to see what they become. And this is what they look like now! Ginormous. I think they're some sort of squash. The downstairs neighbors who contribute to the compost bin said they ate a lot of different types of squash this past winter. I am SO hoping I something out of it because it's beginning to consume our yard.

The ironic thing is that the composted squash is doing A LOT better than the one I purchased. Anyone have any ideas of what kind of squash is coming out of the compost?

And finally, the first squash blossom!! The tomatoes are coming up too! I guess I was impatient.

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